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Planetoid Mines South Pole Lunar Excavation Rover


Tractor – Lunar Roving Vehicle

Tractor is a heavy duty autonomous lunar roving tractor designed to survive the moon’s top soil harsh metallic shards and cryogenic temperatures.

  • 4 wheel independent harmonic drive motors
  • 4 independent harmonic steering motors
  • Heavy Rocker-bogie suspension frame, wiring harness embedded
  • Carbide and Steel plates on flexible 20″ Nitinol alloy rim


Mine Cart

  • PEEK lined aluminum frame anti-static bed
  • 466 kg capacity –
  • Ground-facing door for material deposit
  • Rear tailgate door for tilt dumping


xTrac – excavation tractor

xTrac is a heavy duty excavation tractor with independent harmonic drive motors clawing two barrel drum excavators that counter rotate gripping onto the lunar surface applying a 120 degrees of freedom per arm.

  • Deep slot trenching single pass up to 6 meter
  • Surface excavation to 2 meters
  • burrowing down until grouted to lunar breccia or bedrock



  • Short tip radius rock ripper
  • Carbide tooled rock ripper buckets
  • Spiral screw auger interior for material culmination
  • Central harmonic drive motor and support arm
  • Carbon bucket drum shell (not shown)

Material Transport

Chevron Pipe Conveyor Belt

  • Polyetheretherketone conveyor belt with chevron cleats, reinforced with steel cable.
  • Belt opens into Trough mode to received material, rolled into a pipe tube for tight and secure transport.
  • Continuous transport, pipe 45 to 90 degree angles.

Benny and the Jets

Benny is a electrostatic beneficiation conveyor separating icy regolith mixed minerals.

  • Mineral Beneficiation – Para-, Dia-, Ferro-magnetic
  • Pyrometallurgic / Molten Oxide Electrolysis Oven
  • High Pressure Grinding Mill
  • Cyclops – a Gas and Mineral Dry Scrubber
  • Roasting Tube through Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell


CAVE is Lunar Cable Anchoring Vehicle capable of burrowing below lunar surface to bedrock or breccia, displacing regolith above the rover.

Designed to function as a Deadman Sand Anchor to provide lunar cable anchoring to support array, telecommunication, and suspension cabling.

  • Counterrotating carbide rock ripper toothed bucket drum
  • Camalock Central Mast – Butterfly to 165 degree of excavation.

Vertical Solar Array

Vertical, Horizontal Solar with xTrac Lunar Excavating Vehicle