Disrupting Industries


Meeting the growing demand for hydrogen fuel, and clean energy, the recent advancement made in our electrolysis cells can split water into our hydrogen fuels cells, at a fraction of the cost of current energy generation methods.

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Harvesting lunar water, in-situ resources would be offered at $2,000/kg or 10% of current launch cost, for sustaining spacecraft and satellites, rover refueling, and to make space affordable to everyone. 

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Zero and microgravity space manufacturing using our electrostatic levitation oven,  can produce flawless fiber-optic ZBLAN, molecule binding gallium nitride to make larger LEDs, and in-situ tissue cultures bioreactor.

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ISRU Process

In-Situ Resource Utilization requires multiple stages of handling raw material including Resource and Site Characterization, Regolith and Soil Excavation Transfer and Sorting, Regolith Crushing and Processing, Water and Volatile Extraction and clean-up stages.

...solid oxide fuel cells

Fuel from Water

The growing demand for hydrogen fuel and the advancements made in electrolysis, our focus is to manufacture superior technology to harvest water in-situ that will sustain all life, air, fuel, power, and propulsion for generations to come.

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Producing micro-gravity fluoride glass optical fiber, ZrF4-BaF2-LaF3-AlF3-NaF, commonly known as ZBLAN, in our electromagnetic levitation reactor, will produce high-purity fiber-optic cable.

...highest quality fiber optics.
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